Wednesday 10 July 2013

The Dancing Bone Hello Kitty Bento

The Dancing Bone Hello Kitty has got to be the most popular one in MacDonalds Fairy Tales collection, gauging from the rate it was sold out. IT actually found it rather cool and asked me to get him one, but we were away when it was released, though we most likely won't be able to get our hands on one even if we were around. Sign, I think some of the people who bought just want to resell it for a profit, depriving people who genuinely wants one of getting. -_-

Anyway, I made this Dancing Bone Hello Kitty last Tuesday. To make this, I shaped the rice and wrapped it in seaweed. The details are cut out from kamaboko. My boys are now willing to eat lettuce with their rice, they did mention they prefer broccoli over this but still ate it. :p

The other box is packed with honey wings, tamago, grapes and strawberries.

Another close up shot. Doesn't this bento box looks like a frame here?

I kept a piece of Shio-koji salmon from dinner the night before, and pan-fried it for my bento. :)
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  1. Love your Dancing Bone kitty bento and your yummy salmon bento ^_^

  2. Love the dancing bone kitty. Well, they may launch in Msia in November. You may ask anyone who stay in JB get for you. ;p

    1. Tk u, Sannee. Tks for the info, I think I won't hv the urge to buy anymore then, lol.

  3. Love the grilled salmon~ yummy~~

    SB kitty cute too :)


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