Thursday, 11 July 2013

Monster University Bento

I made a Monsters Inc bento long time back but I was not happy with how it turned out then. I've always wanted to redo another one. Thanks to the newly released Monsters University, I finally found the motivation to attempt it again.

Mike and Sulley were made using rice, coloured using deco furi and butterfly pea flower respectively. Details were done using egg white and nori.

This bento is packed with seaweed pork rolls, tamago and strawberries. Did you notice the cap on Mike's head, that was made using quail egg. :)

I also made simple Mike pocket sandwiches for my boys using pandan bread. :)

This is easy, details done with cheese and nori. :)

My boys packed cold soba for School that day, so I kept some and made myself a soba salad for lunch. :)

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