Tuesday 9 July 2013

Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty Bento

I made these Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty last Monday. A little late posting these since the last MacDonalds Hello Kitty has already been sold out two weeks ago. -_- I will share The Singing Bone Hello Kitty tomorrow. I have yet to make witch Hello Kitty but I hope to do it soon, as I intend to finish making the whole Macdonalds Fairy Tale collection.

Hello Kitty is made from carrot and corn bread. I coloured part of the bread to get a darker shade of orange. Hello Kitty features were done using nori and cupcake heart sprinklers were used for her bow.

I packed them into my boys' snack boxes, added in some grapes and strawberries for them.

These Hello Kitty were sold out within a day at MacDonalds. People were queuing for them despite the bad haze then. -_- No, I was not among them, I did not plan to get one, even if I did, I won't queue for one anymore. I used to though, many years ago, lol. :)
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  1. Cant wait to see your other Hello Kitty collections!

  2. very cute! look forward to the rest!

  3. So cute! You always make the cutest Hello Kitties :D


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