Monday 15 July 2013

Rilakkuma Bento

How did your Monday go? :) IT has CCA at School every Monday, so LT and I will deliver him his lunch bento and wait for him to finish his food. The pros of staying near to the School, hopefully I can still continue to do that when their School moves away to a further location temporary for the next two years.

It's not the first time I made inari Rilakkuma, but this is my first full bodied version. I made these last Tuesday for their lunch. Rilakkuma's ears are sausages and the other details are done with cheese and nori. :)

I also packed in chicken balls, broccoli, egg and strawberries. :)

For snacks, I made Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiirotori, which were made from peanut butter bread, cream cheese bread and pineapple respectively.

Details were drawn on using Nutella. :)

I also packed an inari sushi bento for myself. :) It's a rather filling box, so I had it late for lunch and skipped dinner that day.

This was the only bento I managed to pack for myself last week. :( I hope I can find some time to pack for myself this week.
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  1. Everything is beautiful! I wanted to try the full body rilakkuma! yours is superb!

    1. Tk u, Shirley. Look forward to yours, it's always awesome. :)

  2. I salute you that being SAHM need to take care home cleaning, 2 boys and consistent in making bento and snack for them without fail. Awesome Li Ming! You always have lots of idea and patience, 佩服!佩服!

    1. Tk u, Sannee. I salute working mums, I can nvr cope with family and wk.

  3. Love your idea of using peanut butter to make Rilakkuma.


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