Monday 22 July 2013

Sunny Side Up Minion Bento

Yes, it's yet another Minion bento. Please bear with me, as it's probably my last Minion bento for this year, as it's unlikely that I will make another one till next year. :p

This is quite a fast charaben, I simply added some nori and cheese to transform the sunny side up eggs into Minions.

There's pasta underneath the egg, which I stir-fried in Chinese style, adding in minced pork, garlic, oyster sauce and soya sauce. There's also broccoli, golden kiwis and strawberries in the box.

These bentos were done last Monday. LT and I delivered IT's bento to him, as he has to stay back in School for his CCA. :)

I drew on a banana using toothpick for the first time. Don't laugh at my drawing, lol. I was actually testing out on the banana in the picture above, with the intention of drawing again the following day. But after that, I was busy and did not get to do another one. -_-
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