Monday 29 July 2013

Lego Bento

Lunchbox Dad made a lego lunch sometime back and I thought it was really cool and fun. I had wanted to make something similar because I know my boys would love to have a lunch like that. :)

IMG_7822 - Copy
I bought these Lego lunchboxes last year but this is the first time I'm using them. -_- The Legos are made from tamago and fish sausages. The Lego Men are frozen yoghurt. I removed them after the photo taking though, and served them in another container.

IMG_7826 - Copy
The other food in the bentos were chicken cutlets, grapes and strawberries. My boys were busy playing with the Lego Men and Legos in their bentos as they ate the other food first. -_-

I also made Lego out of sandwiches. This time, I filled my Lego Men mould using chocolate instead.

The sandwiches were filled with butter and sugar, one of their all time favourite combi.

We dropped by Legoland Malaysia during the recent June holidays. It's our second time there, but the weather was just as bad as our first trip. It was blazing hot initially, followed by heavy downpour in the late afternoon on both trips. Weather aside, my boys really enjoyed the park.

I only have a few photos to share, since most of the photos have us in them, so I can't share. The photo above is a build your own Lego Man section, where you get to customize your very own Lego Man.

My boys had fun building their own Lego Men to bring home.

Yotsuba taking a break while waiting for my boys to build their Lego Men. -_-
Where to get same or similar items as used in today's post:


  1. I just online ordered the ice cube mould after saw your bento 😜! Like these bento much! Your block lunch box are different than mine. Yours look bigger !

  2. They are super cute, I love them especially the Lego men!

  3. They turned out so good, thanks for mentioning me and my lego lunch!

  4. You are amazing, especially love the lego man!!

  5. Love this! So cute! I have been eyeing the Lego boxes for a long time but not bought them yet.


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