Friday 26 July 2013

Penguin Sushi Bento

I bought a deco sushi book sometime back. The main reason why I bought the book was because I fell in love with the penguin sushi on the front cover. :P Last Thursday, I finally decided to try out making some penguin sushi  by following the instructions in the book.

IMG_7805 - Copy
Here's how they turn out, not as good as the ones in the book but I happy enough. The grey portion of the rice has grinded black sesame seeds mixed in. Their beaks are tamago and their eyes are boiled spinach.

IMG_7810 - Copy
Here's a closer look at the penguins sushi. :)

IMG_7800 - Copy
This was the only bento I managed to pack for myself last week. There's egg and salmon flakes on the rice, other food in the bento were chicken wings, okra and zucchini. :)
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