Tuesday 18 June 2013

Cat Bun & Trudeau Uno Snack Review

I am very happy to receive some awesome bento stuff from the very generous Trudeau Corp a few weeks back. :)

Here are all the lovely stuff I received. They have just launched a new bento box which comes with compartments, I will review about that next week. And they have sent me some extras, so I will hold a giveaway when School reopens. :)

For today, I will be sharing this Uno Snack Container. It's BPA free, made from eco friendly materials and comes with a five year warranty. It has a capacity of 8 oz and is meant for packing dry snacks. It also comes with a functional clip ring.

I used it together with Trudeau stainless steel container, which I will share more in another post. I packed  a butter roll in the snack container and there's carrot soup in the stainless steel container. Do you like these two items too? I'm happy to share that I've extras of these for the giveaway. :)

The cat's details are done with cheese and nori and it's holding on to a fish made from tomato. I will continue with the rest of Trudeau products review next week, as I've a few other bentos that I am supposed to share by this week. :)
Where to get same or similar items seen in today's post:


  1. Aww...your cat so cute!! Can't wait to see your other Trudeau reviews & giveaways perhaps :p

    Opps...I saw HK pink box from the pic :p The other day went shopping in SG...didn't sell HK Trudeau products :(

    1. Tks, Karen. :) Yes, will hv giveaway after I'm done with the reviews. :) The Trudeau collection in stores here are limited. The Hello kitty box can be found in Jusco in Msia I think, check with Yenn. :)

  2. 猫咪看起来若有所思的样子。莫非在想为什么今天要吃素食?^^


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