Wednesday 26 June 2013

Frog Prince Hello Kitty Bento

I decided not to buy the Frog Prince Hello Kitty and Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty from MacDonalds. I guess I made the right decision as both these designs were sold out super fast, so even if I had wanted to buy, I might not have been able to get them anyway.

I'm using the Trudeau Fuel Uno snack container and stainless steel thermal food container to pack today's bentos. I love using these 2 containers together and the good news is I've an extra set to giveaway. :)

I packed beef stew in the thermal container. Frog Prince is made from rice colored with furikake.

IMG_6548 Hello Kitty Frog Prince, inspired by the plush released from MacDonalds. :)


  1. And so McDonald should be inspired by your beautiful and healthy bento :)

  2. Awww....this is another nice work!

  3. Always LOVED every bentos that you've made ^_^

  4. I am looking for good container to store soup for my girls to bring to school. I am so unlucky all i bought leaking. Any advice? Wanna smallsize .thks

    1. This one in my post from Trudeau is good, it does not leak. But if you want a smaller size, you can consider this thermal mug from Tiger. I own them and they are good too. Alternatively, you might want to check out Bento and Co, they have some in their mugs section that looks suitable for you as well.


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