Tuesday 4 June 2013

Strawberry Sushi Cake

I received a pleasant surprise when I went to meet IT's teacher last week. Even though he did not meet my expectations for his two languages, he still managed to top the class with his overall results. :) He's really happy and motivated upon hearing this. :) He has always been very careless and has difficulty staying focused, but this time, after all the pep talk, I do see some improvement in this aspect recently. :) I hope that he will be able to keep it up. :)

I made these strawberry sushi cakes last Tuesday. The strawberries are made from mashed potatoes. I kept some of the mashed potato left after making the piggy on LT's birthday sushi cake. However, it was not a good idea to do that, the mashed potatoes were not as smooth after being kept a day in the fridge. :(

The pink portion of sushi rice is coloured with Sakura denbu. There was no side dishes at the time of photo taking, I wanted to get a shot of these before the sun set. So, I made these first before cooking dinner. -_-

Here's a fast ramen lunch I cooked for myself that day, with one of my favourite spicy chilli dip. :)
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  1. Another Super cute sushi cake. Love it!

  2. Oh yes... and congrats for your son's wonderful results:)!!!

  3. The little cakes are so very cute!

  4. That's so pretty, it looks like dessert!

  5. 孩子考试成绩佳,就是做父母最好的回报了!恭喜!

  6. Wow! Cute sushi cake. Love the strawberry mashed potatoes!

  7. Love it, very pretty and so creative making them with mashed potatoes! :) Congrats to IT for doing so well!

  8. Congratulations to your son's result!


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