Tuesday 25 June 2013

Egg Baby Bento

I'm using the same bento box from Trudeau Corp, which I shared in yesterday's post. I wanted to try out just  using one compartment of the box instead.

There, I've only used one compartment and I filled the other one with a bottle and Trudeau foldable culteries.

Sunny side up egg baby is lying on a bed of tuna pasta. :P

I packed another portion in Trudeau stainless steel thermal container. I will be reviewing this container on Friday.:)

Here's another portion of tuna pasta which I packed with a poached egg. Yums, I love eggs with runny yolks. :)


  1. Wow, this egg is so cute! And thank you for your positive comment (it's the 2nd time I've ever made sushi) :)

  2. Love the details, you always well handle!

  3. aww....such a sweet kawaii bento ^_^ Love it!

  4. Brilliant idea!

  5. Hi dear,
    I was looking for your review on the Fuel thermal food jar but didn't find it. Can you direct me to it please? I first saw this two years back at Giant and it was quite cheap, but I was concerned about the heat retention factor since it was new on the market and no one knew how good it was. Hope to read about this in your review d:)
    Thumbs up on your bento, as usual!

    1. Lulu, should be up tonight, I've yet to get it done. I did not get to test it long enough due to the holidays. Will be packing cold soba for the boys this Thursday for recess, so shd be able to gauge better then. :)


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