Monday 17 October 2011

Kuromi Bento

Both the boys have no school today, but LT has to report at another venue for concert rehearsal early in the morning. So, I decided to make both of them a snack bento. LT brought his bento for his rehearsal, and IT munched on his while we were on our way to fetch LT.

Kuromi was requested by LT, he pointed out Kuromi in his Sanrio notebook yesterday and asked me to make her. I've no idea why he chose her, coz he does not even know who is Kuromi. I made their bento last night but the photos were taken this morning.

Simplified version of Kuromi. This bento is for IT, in the box are strawberry jam sandwiches. sausage and pineapple cake.

LT's bento, in the box are strawberry/ham sandwiches, sausage and grapes.

I bought these strawberry lunch boxes from Daiso over the weekend. Love them! :)


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