Wednesday 5 October 2011

Uncle Jam Bento

If you are familiar with Anpanman's cartoon, you will know who is Uncle Jam. Uncle Jam is Anpanman's Daddy. If I'm not wrong, Anpanman is very popular in Japan. Anpanman cartoon is not shown over here, but the boys know quite a few of the characters, because they watched the cartoon in Japan before. We also visited the Anpanman Children's Museum in Yokohama last year. You can see some pictures of the museum in this post if you are interested.

IT's bento, in the box are salmon flavoured rice, cheese hanpen, baked wings, sausage and golden kiwis.

LT's bento, same items as above, except his box contains no hanpen. He does not like them, he's pretty fussy, does not eat a lot of food.

IT's bento for recess, in the box are peanut butter sandwich, grapes and marshmallows.

The 3 bentos I made today.

In my box are steamed herbal chicken and crabstick/broccoli stir fry.


  1. I see, Uncle Jam is Anpanman's dad. Now I know..hehe.. Cute bento!

  2. @ Bobo, haha, yah, my boys told me. I was not too sure they are correct coz the cartoons were in Japanese, so I did a double check on the Internet. :)

  3. I don't know Uncle Jam, but those are cute!


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