Thursday 13 October 2011

Thomas Train Bentos

I've been wanting to do a Thomas train bento for the boys since I started doing bentos. I'm glad I finally made one for them. I took the easy way out for the colors. For the rice, I colored the water with a bit of Witon blue paste before cooking. And for the bread, I sprayed on some Wilton blue mist.

IT's bento for recess, in the box are triple layered Nutella sandwich, salt n pepper chicken and grapes.

LT's bento, in the box are rice, teriyaki salmon, salt n pepper chicken and golden kiwi. The 2 lunch bentos are a little too squeezy, my Thomas train is out of shape. :P

IT's bento, same items as above.

Thomas Train Bentos for today! :)

My lunchie for today, in the box are rice, cold spinach and salt n pepper chicken.


  1. Great work and details on Thomas! So cute! And your pepper chicken looks so spicy delicious :)

  2. @ Keeley, Tks!

    @ Lia, Tks! Can't compare with urs, ur wks are v exquisite! :)

    @ Diana, Tks!


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