Monday 31 October 2011

Mario Ghost Boo Halloween Bento

This will be my last Halloween bento for this year. I'm looking forward to making Christmas bentos. :)

This ghost is from the Nintendo game Mario. I did not know his name initially, but thanks to a kind reader, I now know his name is Boo. My boys have requested me to make this ghost few weeks back, but I wanted to do it as a Halloween bento, so I did not work on it earlier.

Bento for IT, in the box are rice, parmesan fish, quail egg, tomato, sausage and golden kiwis.

Benfor for LT, same food as above. Little boy refused to eat the egg and tomato, so Mummy ate them. :P

IT's snack box, in the box are biscuits, quail eggs, ham and cheese.

Ghosts bentos.

This was dinner last friday, vongole, cheese crusted chicken and cream of broccoli. This portion was for hubby.

My lunch for today, crepe with smoked duck and salad greens, in Hoisin sauce. :) I miss peking duck! :)


  1. His name is Boo. :) Very cute!

  2. @Shane, tks so much, now i know, I will update my post. :)


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