Saturday 29 October 2011

Taekwando Bento

My boys have Taekwando grading this weekend. The internal grading is today, and tomorrow will be the external grading. LT is going for is yellow tip, it's going to be his first grading. IT will be going for his final one, the poom belt.

I attempted to use my candy melt pens to draw a taekwando uniform for them. Haha, I obviously need to practice more, but I had fun with the pens. :)

This one is for LT, in his favourite color blue.

This one is for IT, his favourite color is red.

I used this strawberry snackbox from Daiso. They had strawberry jam pocket sandwich and grapes.

The boys in their uniforms. :)

Doing what they do best, fooling around.

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