Sunday 30 October 2011

Taekwando Bento, the sequel

This is another version of the Taekwando bento from yesterday. For today, I decided to do the belts they are going for, LT is going for his yellow tip and IT is going for his poom belt. This time, I am using candy melts for the base and icing for the outlines instead.

This one is for IT. :)

LT's bento. I had some problem doing the yellow tip, turned out terrible. :P

Their snack bentos for today. :) They had sausage sammies and grapes.


  1. lovely kids you have.. how old is your younger boy? i was wondering when to send my boy for Taekwondo lesson..

  2. @Bobo, tks! He's 4+, n he just started 2 months ago. Over here, we have a School that will take in from 3 years onwards.


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