Thursday 6 October 2011

Mario Mushrooms Bento

The boys requested for me to make Mario mushrooms today. The words were also requested by them. The mushrooms were quite easy to make, so my bentos were done pretty fast today. Yay!

The boys are having Children's Day celebration in School today. And tomorrow will be a School holiday for them, so this will be my last bento for this week. Happy weekends in advance. :)

IT's lunch, he's having cold soba(sauce in the fridge), roasted pork belly, golden kiwis and strawberries.

LT's lunch, same items as above.

IT's box for recess, he's having nutella sammy, grapes and marshmallows.

Mario Mushrooms Bentos.

Mummy's Bibim Guksu, topped it with some roasted pork. haha, think I'm the only person who eats it this way. :P


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