Friday 21 October 2011

Piggies Bento

It's been raining for the past few days, dislike the wet weather when I've to send and fetch the kids to and from School. The weather is really cooling now, just nice to snuggle in bed. haha, but I do not have such luxury, will have to prepare dinner after I'm done with this post.

My original plan was to do a Halloween theme bento again. But I realised that I've some sausage balls to clear, so I decided to make piggies instead. I do not like the color of this batch of sausage balls, find the color a bit too dark and dull.

3 little piggies for IT, he's having ham/cheese toasts, salmon, sausages and golden kiwis.

Piggies for LT, same food as above.

Piggy for IT to bring to School, he's having nutella pocket sandwich and grapes.

Piggies for LT to bring to School, he's having strawberry jam pocket sandwich, salmon and grapes. And yes, he has more food than the older brother, that's because he enjoys having his bentos in School. Whereas, his brother, just wants to eat fast so that he can play with his friends. :P

Piggies for today. :)

My lunch, chilli prawns and fried man tou, cooked with the Happy Call pan. I am very happy that it can be used for frying as well, the man tou do not look as nice as the deep fried version, but taste wise is quite similar. And the best part is my kitchen is a lot less oily than before. :)

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