Monday 24 October 2011

Jack Halloween Bento

I've been wanting to do Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas, since I started looking for Halloween bento ideas a few weeks ago. The boys know nothing about this movie, and neither do I! However, they remembered Jack coz they saw a theme ride in Disneyland based on the movie. I am quite happy with how the bentos turned out. I love these new halloween picks I got from Cookie Cutter Lunch. They helped to complete this bento. :)

LT has no School today. He just had his concert last Saturday and today is a holiday in lieu of that. He had an early lunch with IT, the boys like to eat together. :)

IT's bento, in the box are rice, nuggets and apples.

LT's bento, same items as above.

IT's bento for School, in the box are mini strawberry cream puffs and apples.

Do you find them spooky? Nah, the boys found them funny. lol.

I baked a pineapple cake on the Happy Call pan last Friday. It turned out lovely, the cake was our breakfast last Saturday. :)


  1. Nice Jack Bento! love your picks too!

  2. @Bobo, yes, they are nice. You can get from cookie cutter lunch if you are interested. She ships overseas. :)

    @Keeley, tks! :)

    @Diana, tks! :)

  3. I love that movie! Awesome job! he looks perfect=D


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