Tuesday 8 November 2011

Mini Bear Bento

It was a bad morning for me today. :( I totally forgot I had to fry the fish fillet for the bentos. I thought I still have a lot of time, so I lazed on my sofa and surfed the Ipad, while waiting for the rice to cook. It was a mad rush when I found out. And the bentos took me longer to make than I expected. Argh, I left all my tools and dishes unwashed as I left the house to send LT to School. The good thing was IT has no School today, so I only hv to make 2 bentos. :)

IT's bento, with onigiri, Parmesan fish fillets and sausage. I've no space for the fruits so I just left them in a bowl for them.

LT's bento, same food as above.

The 2 bentos for today. :)


  1. How adorable. The fish looks very tasty.

  2. So, so cute!!! So perfect for this upcoming Onigiri theme this Friday where I will be featuring your tutorial!

  3. aww... the bear are so cute..are they made from fishcakes?

  4. @Lisa, tks! :)
    @Diana, I might be doing a similar one tomorrow, n sharing that instead. :))
    @Bobo, tks! :) Yes, the jap fishcake, Kamaboko, :)

  5. i cant find kamaboko here, i might want to grab some back when i go KL.. can you let me know where can i get the kamaboko? how about midvalley megamall?

  6. @Bobo, I've no idea, as I'm staying in Singapore. Over here, I can find it in frozen section of most supermarkets and shops selling Japanese goods.

  7. Oh i see.. sorry i thought you lived in KL..
    ok.. i will look out for it if I go over singapore next year..


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