Wednesday 2 November 2011

Bee Bento

The idea for the bee is from the cover of Kaerenmama's new book. I mixed some yellow grains from the colored rice pack from Daiso, but the yellow color is not obvious. I wonder whether mixing with egg yolk will give a nicer yellow color.

Bento for LT, he's having ebikko rice, sweet and sour pork, golden kiwis, cheddar and sausages.

Bento for IT, he's having the same stuff as LT.

Recess bento for IT, he's having Nutella crepe, grapes, cheddar and marshmallows.

Bees boxes for my boys. :)

My lunch, which is also my dinner from last night, in the box are sweet and sour pork, broccoli/mushroom stir fry and black pepper scallop.


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