Friday 25 November 2011

Ship Ahoy Bento

It was a last minute decision to dress up their dinner today. I do not like to take photos of our dinner, as I am absolutely clueless about how to take photos under indoor lighting. Most of the time, I dislike how the photos turn out. So, I was rushing to complete the bentos before the sun set. :P I ended up with 2 sets of photos, I decided to take a set first before I go about frying the chicken cutlets as the sky was turning dark soon. :P

IT's dinner, or rather part of his dinner, coz I've yet to fry the chicken cutlets when I took this pic. :P

LT's dinner, they are having Japanese curry with potatoes and carrots. :)

LT's dinner, after the chicken cutlets were done. They sky was getting dark, so I bumped up the camera's ISO.

IT's dinner. I still prefer the first 2 photos taken under natural lighting.


  1. How completely adorable! I just love it!! :)

  2. @ Diana, u are always so sweet. Tks! :)
    @Crystal, Tks. :)
    @ Amy, Tks. :)
    @ Koogle, Tks. :)

  3. So creative! I like the top photo the best! It's got great depth and color.

  4. @Chamelion, tks! Glad u like it. :)

  5. wow.. thats creative.. and yummy too.. bet your kids finish up the meal in no time.

  6. @Bobo, tks! Haha, they love Jap curry and fried cutlet, they will finish fast even if it's not 'dressed' up. :)


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