Wednesday 23 November 2011

Pineapple Tarts

We've been lunching out everyday this week, I did not get to make any bento at all. So this is not a bento related post. :P I decided to do some baking with the boys yesterday as we were back early. They did almost all the work, from sieving the flour to the final step of applying egg wash on the tarts. I only helped with the weighing of ingredients, reshaping their tarts and the baking. They definitely had fun and were very proud of their tasty pineapple tarts.

They helped to wrap the pineapple tarts, but Mummy's not too happy with their pineapple tarts.

So I helped them to reshape all the tarts. :P

Their first batch. I shooed them off to nap after this and I finished off the rest of the trays by myself. :P

The tarts all packed in jars. :)

I'm sharing the pineapple recipe below. I did not make the pineapple paste from stratch, I only did that once many years ago. It was too much work, so I always take the easy way out and buy packets of pineapple paste. :)


400g Butter Salted
500g Plain Flour
4 egg yolk
4 tbsp Skim Milk powder
80g gm caster sugar
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 pack pineapple paste

1) Cream the butter, vanilla & sugar
2) Add in the egg yolk and mix well
2) Add in the flour and milk powder, mix to form a dough
3) Divide the dough to 10gm each and wrap in the pineapple filling (8gm).
6) Brush egg wash on the tarts and bake at 170 deg for 20mins.


  1. wow.. so many goodies.. you make macarons! I am impressed.:)

  2. @Bobo, I used to make them,but have not done so for a long time. This batch did not turn out right. :(

  3. we called those pineapple tarts "nastar" here in Indonesia. they usually "came out" on Ied :D. its very nice to see your boys hand in hand in baking, they are so cuute! cant wait till i can teach my daughter how to bake, she's nearly 2 hihihihi.


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