Friday 11 November 2011

Mario Goomba Bento

The boys have been asking me to make them a Mario and Luigi bento. But those two are too challenging, I'm keeping that for the holiday, when I have more time to slowly work on their bentos. I told them to find me something easier from Mario, they showed me Goomba and Yoshi. I chose Goomba for obvious reason, he's easier to make than Yoshi. lol. I will attempt Yoshi and the others another time. :P

LT's bento for home, with rice( I added a little black soya sauce, the boys said it tasted like white rice. ), semolina coated salmon, tomato, quail egg, sausage and golden kiwis.

IT's bento for home, same food as IT's bento.

IT's bento for School, with Nutella sandwich, grapes and meatballs.

LT's bento for School, with strawberry sandwich, grapes, meatball and salmon.

Potato salad and meatballs for Mummy.

It's the end of the School week again, happy weekends to everyone. :) Next week will be the final week of School for this year. How time flies!


  1. I simply LOVE the goomba bentos!

  2. That is soc cute! Thanks for letting us feature your tutorial at Bento Blog Network this week!

  3. love it!! the little mushroom is adorable! i wanted to try using a tomato with a cheese base one day..i dont know if you've tried that yet. but it just came to me one day. i love mushrooms!

  4. This looks super cute...!! I love Mario bros and used to play the nintendo game quite often as a child :D)!

  5. @Uniflame, tks! :))
    @Diana, Oh, tks so much for featuring my tutorial. :))
    @MadFiesty, I've not tried that before, sounds great! Pls share with me after u hv tried. :))
    @cooking gallery, Me too! My hubby n boys are the ones playing now. :))


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