Monday 14 November 2011

Snowman Christmas Bento

Yay, I did my first Christmas bento. Yes, I know I am very early. :) That is because it's the last week of School for my boys, I probably will not be making bentos on a regular basis during the School holidays, so I want to do a few Christmas theme bentos first. :)

Snack box for IT, in the box are biscuits, five spice meatballs, grapes and cheese.

lunch box for IT, in the box are rice, five spice meatballs, golden kiwis and sausage. Aren't the santa hats lovely? I got them from Jmama, along with a few other toppers. :)

lunch box for LT, same food as above.

Snow man family. :) Argh, my M&Ms melted though, I did wait for the rice to cool down before putting them on. But I think they were still not completely cooled, should have waited longer. :(


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