Tuesday 15 November 2011

Winter Boy Bento

We are staying in a place where it's summer all year round, it does feels like autumn when the monsoon season is here, the weather is very cooling due to the heavy thunderstorms. :P It's IT's dream to visit some place with snow, and hopefully Daddy will fulfil his wish very soon. Meanwhile, I made a bento of them, decked in winter hats and gloves. :)

This is IT, with his glasses. :) He's having rice, shrimp paste wings and golden kiwis.

This is LT, with his straight fringe. :) He's having the same stuff as IT.

IT's snack box, he's having pork floss bread ball, nutella bread rolls and grapes.

I forgot to add on 'blusher' on their cheeks, I only remembered after I cleared everything. :p

My lunch, grilled shrimp paste chicken and fish dumplings/broccoli stir fry. If you have noticed, I hardly eat fish. That is because I dun like to eat most fish. Hubby is a fish lover though, so there's usually another dish of fish for him and the boys. :)


  1. haha.. i like IT with his glasses.. cute!

  2. So very cute. I love the little glasses.

  3. @Bobo, tks, me too! :)
    @lisa9999, tks, so do I. ;)
    @Diana, tks! ;))

  4. Oh, those little faces are sooo cute! Where do you find those adorable picks? I've done some searching online but have not seen anything so cute!

  5. Cheese glasses are the best it makes the face so cute!

  6. @Julie, tks! I got the toppers from www.jmamababy2.blogspot.com They are actually cupcake toppers and are imported form the States.:)
    @Big Momma, Tks! Glad you like them too. :)

  7. You know I LOVE your bentos. Thanks for linking up at Thematic Thursday.

  8. So adorable! TOO CUTE to eat:)

  9. @Diana, tks for hosting. :)
    @Sue, tks. :)


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