Friday 18 November 2011

Gingerbread Man Christmas Bento

It's the last day of School for LT today, and his Kindy is having a Christmas party to celebrate. I decided to make his classmates a simple bento box for the potluck. I also chose to do something easy for their lunch box today, as I was afraid I would not have time to complete so many boxes. :)

It's officially the start of the School holiday for my boys. It will be a 6 weeks break and they will only be back in School next year January. I will not be posting bentos on a daily basis, but I will try to do up some write-ups on my bento tools. And I will still try to share some bentos now and then. :)

LT's bento, strawberry jam sandwich, cheese, nuggets, golden kiwis and grapes. I made a smaller portion for their lunch today, as I am expecting LT to come home with some food from his School's Christmas party. :)

This is IT's bento, same food as above. :)

Gingerbread Man bentos. :)

These little boxes were for LT's Christmas party in School, each box has 2 strawberry sandwiches and 2 nuggets. :)

My lunchie, in the box are stir fried fish, prawn paste pancakes and egg broccoli. This is one of the rare fish dishes that I do like to eat. :P


  1. Really cute. I love the little boxes for his classmates. My boys do not finish for Christmas until the 19th December.

  2. @Lisa, tks! My boy told me his friends liked their little boxes. :) Ah, yes, the School break is a little different in this part of the world. :)

  3. i get school til January, therefore Christmas themes. Just tooo cute! Kids in American have school til about a week before school.

  4. @Diana, yes, u are right! Want to start on Christmas themes coz I will not be doing much bentos during the School holidays. And we will also be away 2 week before Christmas, so impossible to do closer to the date. :)

  5. haha.. i was initially thinking to make sanwiches with cute character cutters for school party as well, but i change my plans later... :P
    lovely party boxes...

  6. That's a long Xmas holiday...! I wish I had 6 weeks off too for Christmas ;-). Your Xmas themed Bento is just too cute...! Love the gingerbreadmen :-) .

  7. @Bobo, tks! It's a last minute idea too, initially I just wanted to fry a box of nuggets for the potluck. :)

    @Cooking Gallery, tks! Yes, it's the longest break for them. :))


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