Thursday 3 November 2011

Shimajiro Tiger Bento

The bentos were done at different timings today. IT has to report to sch early for a Zoo excursion, so I did a quick snack box for him early in the morning. I did not prepare any lunch for him as he will be buying KFC for lunch, it's his favourite outside food.

LT's box was done much later in the afternoon. I tried using the egg yolk to color the rice today, and yes, it gives a brighter yellow color. I was lazy and din mashed up the yolk before mixing so the color was uneven, but I still like this yellow color, as compared to the box yesterday.

LT's bento, in the box are egg yolk rice, char siew and golden kiwis. LT does not like to eat eggs, but he did not realized that this is egg yolk rice. So if you have a fussy kid who does not like eggs, you can try out this. :) And the tiger in this bento is Shimajiro, he's from a Japanese cartoon.

IT's bento, in the box are Nutella sandwich, grapes and marshmallows.

My lunch, in the box are teriyai squid, char siew and broccoli/beancurd stir fry. I did have rice today. :)

While we were at Tokyu Hands in Japan, we saw lots of Shimajiro headgears. And that is IT trying on the tiger. :)

Here's LT trying on one too. :)


  1. aww..lovely tiger.. is it half boiled egg yolk?
    your boys look so adorable with the tiger cap..

  2. @Bobo, It's hard boiled egg yolk, remember to mash well b4 you mix with rice. :)

  3. All so adorable...especially the kiddos!


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