Wednesday 17 July 2013

Stitch Bun Bento

I'm sharing about the insulated lunch bags I received from Trudeau Corp today. My boys have been using another of their lunch bag daily to School, it's called the Trapeze lunch bag and we love it very much. You can check out my post about the Trapeze lunch bag HERE. :)

These insulated lunch bags we just received are bigger and come in three colours, the ones I have are red and blue. They are made from polyester and the inner liner is made from PVC. The bags are insulated and they are easy to wipe clean. They are also BPA free, made from eco friendly materials and come with a 5 years warranty.

These bags are bigger than the Trapeze lunch bags. They come with a compartment at the bottom that will fit in a sandwich box nicely. :)

The interior is roomy, I put in a thermal container and snack box for you to gauge how big the bag is. :)

These are the lunch I packed in those containers you see in the lunch bag. Stitch butter rolls filled with tuna  in the snack containers and a cheesy chicken stew in the thermal container.

My Trudeau giveaway will be coming soon, I'll update in tomorrow's post. :)
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