Friday 4 October 2013

Autumn Bear Bento

I'm sharing two more autumn creations today. :) Love autumn colours! :)

Two bears out to enjoy autumn. One bear is lying on the ground, enjoying the sights, the other bear is taking a dip in curry onsen. :) I wished I'm doing that right now, lol. :)

Bears are made from rice, the brown portion is coloured with a bit of dark soya sauce. The bento is packed with veggie curry, tonkatsu, lettuce, grapes and mandarin oranges.

Another autumn bear I made for my boys' snacks. This bear is pulling back his pumpkin in a wagon.

Pumpkin is a mandarin orange, leaves are cut out from carrot bread, strawberries and kiwis. Wagon is a nutella sandwich. The bear is a peanut butter sandwich with blueberries eyes and nose, and he is wearing a strawberry scarf. :)
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  1. Your work here is just waaaaay too cute not to tell you so. I just love your style! The teddy pulling the wagon is super sweet and I really like how you placed a leaf on his head. It gave him some fun whimsy and makes me want to smile :)

  2. Love the colours in this bento!

  3. I love the super cute bear pulling the wagon and the bears onigiri as well as the yummy curry!

  4. More adorable autumn bears! So cute. I love the wagon idea.

  5. What kind of bento tool did you use to cut the leaves? Your bento looks so beautiful like a painting!!

    1. Tk u, Tina. I used a veggie cutter, similar to what I posted at the link at the end of the post. :)


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