Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hello Kitty Somen

Remember the Rilakkuma soba I shared last week? This time, I'm sharing Hello Kitty somen.

This Hello Kitty somen is actually very fast and easy to make, as Hello Kitty facial details are quite simple. :) Hello Kitty's eyes and whiskers are nori, her nose is from egg sheet and her bow is made from ham.

The food on the side plate was chicken patties. I stuffed in slices of cheese as I've cheese cut outs to clear.

Hee, can you spot the difference? I added on eyes sparklers and lashes for Kitty. Looks like Kitty with make up on. :) It's actually inspired by my Hello Kitty mirror in the picture.

I think I will be making My Melody somen next, fingers crossed that it will turn out well. :)
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