Thursday 24 October 2013

Ghost and Pumpkin Quail Eggs

IT last exam paper is tomorrow, and school holidays will be in another two weeks plus. Yay, so glad exams are over, I've been tearing my hair out the past weeks, he is just so nonchalant over the revisions, only bucking up a little this week. I can't wait for the holidays. :) I'll be slowing down a little with my bento making and blogging after next week, it's always a little slow moving in the 'bento world' every year end.:)

A very quick Halloween decor, using quail eggs. The sunny side up quail eggs were made into jack-o'-lanterns and the hard boiled ones were turned into friendly ghosts. :)

The main dish is yakisoba, stir fried with broccoli and pork. Hee, I know broccoli is not the typical veggie used for yakisoba, I was just trying to use whatever veggie I had in the fridge.

I also packed in fried fish fillets, which I kept from dinner the night before. Toasted it in the oven before packing in the bento. :)
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  1. The quail egg ghosts are super cute!

  2. So cool, were do you find your inspiration :-)

    1. Usually from stuff I see, also from online n bks. ^^

  3. You Halloween bento are all so amazing!!!

  4. yums yums!!! Love the quail egg ghosts ^_^


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