Wednesday 30 October 2013

KiKi's Delivery Service

Do you know the anime flim, Kiki's Delivery Service? There is going to be a live adaption of the anime soon! I've always wanted to make Kiki, but somehow it did not materialize until last week. However, this version I'm sharing today is not the one I had always wanted to make. Hopefully I will find some time to make that next week.

This version of Kiki is inspired by a Blythe doll I saw. The doll was dressed as Kiki for Halloween. :) I also saw a cute version of Kiki, have to make that one too. :)

Kiki is made from rice, nori, cheese, strawberry, inari age and squid ink pasta. The sides for this lunch are teriyaki meatballs and asparagus/corn stir fry.

A closer look at Kiki, her broom is made from asparagus and inari age. Can you spot JiJi? :)
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