Tuesday 15 October 2013

Rilakkuma Soba & Korilakkuma Somen

My boys love to eat cold soba. I always pack cold soba for them to bring to school once a week. IT says it's especially refreshing to slurp cold noodles when the weather is hot.

Around two weeks back, I cooked them cold soba for lunch, and arranged the noodles to create Rilakkuma. The details were done using cheese and nori. I added Kiiroitori, the little chick on his head, that was made from an egg dyed in turmeric water.

I also cooked some ebi fry for them to go with the soba. :)

I also made Korilakkuma using somen, I packed it in a bento box this time. I received some questions previously on how to pack cold soba for school. What you can do is to pack the dipping sauce either in a thermal jar or freeze it in a small container separately.

Kiiroitori is made from a quail egg here instead. I packed in lettuce, miso wings, grapes and strawberries for my boys to eat with their somen. :)
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  1. aww....loving it so much! My kids like cold soba as well ^_^

    Think of it.....it's been awhile I haven't pack cold soba for their lunch :D

  2. Those are the cutest soba and somen noodles!! I am feeling so hungry now looking at them and certainly don't mind cold noodles at all, yum.:)

  3. Such a cute idea! Love it!


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