Wednesday 23 October 2013

Halloween Rilakkuma Trick or Treat

Halloween is next Thurday and I still have so many more bentos I want to make. :( Looks like I will have to leave those ideas for next year, I will have to stop making them after this week, because I doubt I can share them all on the blog before Halloween. Bad planning on my part, I should have started making them earlier. Please bear with me, as I will be sharing Halloween bentos from now on, till probably a couple of days after Halloween. -_-

Rilakkuma going trick or treat, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are flying away on their broomstick. :) Rilakkuma is made from rice, brown portion is coloured with a little dark soya sauce. I used nori for his hat and cap. Kiiroitori and pumpkin basket are both made from tomato, and Korilakkuma is made from quail eggs.

For this meal, I fried prawn paste chicken, and packed in orange, lettuce, grapes and strawberries.

A closer look at Rilakkuma and his friends. :) He is one of my favourite character. :)
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  1. Love how Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are riding on the broomstick! Such a creative way to make the broomstick too!

  2. love this and all your Halloween ideas!

  3. This is super cute!! I love everything from the bear to the witch!! Looking forward to more of your Halloween lunches, I enjoy looking at them and getting ideas :-)

  4. it ALL!! Very creative!


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