Tuesday 29 October 2013

Halloween Skeleton Toast

I'm sharing more easy Halloween ideas today. I made 2 versions of skeleton toast, both are not difficult to make. :)

I used this oishii silicon food pen from CasaBento for one of my toast creation. It's just like a piping bag that allows you to draw on your food.

It comes with 2 nozzles of different sizes and is made from food grade silicon. It can be heated up in the microwave. My favourite part is that it can open from the sides so it's easy to clean.

I filled the pen with icing, and drew a skeleton on a slice of nutella toast.

The skull is a piece of mashmallow. :)

I also made a savory version of the skeleton using ham and cheese. I toasted the bread after placing the cheese and ham cut outs on top of it.

My boys love them both, which one do you prefer? :)


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