Tuesday 8 October 2013

Mummy & Frankenstein Bento

It's Halloween bentos today, I've done quite a few since last week. :) My boys are crazy over Halloween bentos and I find them fun to make. I will try to slot in some non Halloween bentos throughout the week as well, in case you are not into this theme. :)

Frankenstein bento I made for my boys' lunch. I coloured the rice with green deco furi and used peas for his nose and ears. :) There is grilled chicken wings, kiwis, strawberries and grapes in the bento box at the back.

The tombstone and hand toppers are placed on top of a bed of spinach.

These Mummy and Frankenstein sandwiches are actually a remake from my Halloween bentos two years back. Click HERE to see the previous version. I had some requests for a tutorial, so I decided to remake them again, using slightly different ingredients.

Mummy is a nutella and cheese sandwich and Frankenstein is a guacamole and nutella sandwich. Step by step photos to create these are below.

For Mummy, first cut out bread with a round cutter. You can also just make a square Mummy, if you like.

Spread bread with Nutella. Cut out cheese using a round cutter, straw or the back of your pipping tip.

Slice a blueberry in half and use as the eyes.

Cut strips of cheese using a knife and placed them on the sandwich, leaving just the eyes area exposed. If you do not like the taste of cheese with nutella, you can substitute cheese with bread. Roll a slice of bread flat using a rolling pin before cutting into strips.

Trim off the excess cheese with a pair of scissors and you are done.

For Frankenstein, slice off the crust of bread if you prefer. You can use pandan/spinach bread or spinach wrap if they are available.

If you can't get those, you can spread on guacamole to turn the bread green. I am using a mild guacamole recipe, get it HERE.

Cut out Frankenstein hair from bread and spread Nutella on it.

Assemble on the hair and eyes. The eyes are done the same way as the Mummy sandwich earlier.

Draw on the rest of the features with Nutella, icing or chocolate sauce.

Hope you find the tutorial useful and you like the remake version. :) It's a busy day for me tomorrow, so I will be taking a break from blogging tomorrow night, I will update my blog again on Thursday. :)
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  1. Love this....will start Halloween bento soon...yippeee!

  2. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So cute! I love the idea of using guacamole or spinach wraps for frankenstein!

  4. Those are ADORABLE but I just don't think Nutella would taste good with cheese or guac go me! Hahah! So cute tho. I love the Frakenstein onigiri!

    1. Tk u for the feedback. :) My boys are fine with Nutella n cheese combi. As for guacamole, I actually tweak the recipe so it's rather mild, more like just an avocado spread, so it goes with the Nutella. I think I shd amend my post to mention abt this, tks. :)

  5. Hi there! So adorable :) Do you prepare most of your bento box recipes on the day of or the night before?

    1. For this yr, most of the fd on the blog are prepared on the day itself n eaten at hm. My boys boxes for School this yr are very simple n fast, n I've not been sharing those. For previous yrs, I do sometimes keep fd fr night before n reheat in the morning.

  6. Hi There! So adorable :) Do you prepare all your bento box recipes on the day of or the night before?

  7. This is the first year that I have to pack lunches for my 2 children. Thank you so much for all of these tutorials. I have already purchased some bento boxes and accessories. I'm making the mummy and monster sandwiches for my son tomorrow! Thank you!


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