Tuesday 20 September 2011

Bear Bento

It's a rainy day here today, so cold. I hope the rainy season is not back yet, I still prefer sunny days.

I was actually trying to make Rilakkuma, but it did not turned out like him. Hiaz. So, I am naming this a bear bento instead. You will probably see one more bento this week using these sausage balls, as I still have some more to clear.

IT's bento, consists of mix jam sandwiches, chicken karaage and blueberries.

LT's bento, same food as above.

IT's snack box, consists of mix jam sandwiches and grapes.

My lunch box consists of Bibim Guksu and chicken karaage. I dug out this lunch box from my cupboard. I used to use it daily 9 years ago to pack lunch to work. :)


  1. They definitely looks Rilakkuma to me.. :)
    I cant find these kind of sausage balls at my place..

  2. @Bobo, tks, I tot they looked fine till I took out the Rilakkuma sauce container n compare. Where are u located? I had a hard time looking for sausage balls here too, this was the best I could fine, though still not as good as those on Jap sites.

  3. I am staying in Sabah, are you living in KL?

  4. @Bobo, I'm staying in singapore, my hubby's from JB. :) I heard Malaysia has deli kiosk that sells sausage balls in Penang. I was hoping JB has, but yet to check out.


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