Thursday 1 September 2011

Sausage Bears Bento

I'm trying to use up the balance of the sausage balls from yesterday. IT has to go to school very early today, it's Teacher's day celebration, he will be in school from 715 to 10am. I decided to make his snack box in advance, coz I dun think I can wake up that early to make it. After it's done, I kept it in the fridge. He told me the bear was still ok when he opened up the box, just one ear dropped out. LT's bento was done this morning, as usual.

The boys will be having a one week school break, so I probably wun be making any bentos. I will try to squeeze in a post or 2 on my bento tools and bento stash, if I can find the time. :) There will also be a giveaway next Wednesday, 7 September, 2011, consisting of a lunch box and some bento essentials. :) So remember to check back next Wednesday for details. :)

IT's snack box, made in advance yesterday

LT's lunch bento, fruits in another container, not in pic.

Items used for today:


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