Monday 26 September 2011

Pikachu Bento

I finally dropped by Daiso last night, but there was nothing new at the bento section, so I did not buy anything from there. I ended up buying some pretty plates instead. :)

The bento for today is Pikachu, made out of egg sheets. I am planning to make Doreamon this week, so I made some blue/red/yellow egg sheets yesterday and kept them in the freezer. I was wondering what other characters I can make with the balanced egg sheets and Pikachu came to mind, so it's Pokemon theme bentos for today. :) The Pokemon ball is made out of cheese and nori, red portion was sprayed on with Wilton color mist.

LT's bento, with furikake onigiris and nuggets. I put his fruits in another bowl, coz there was not enough space. I need a bigger lunch box!

IT's bento, with furikake onigiris, nuggets and golden kiwi. There's a tear on the egg sheet. :(

IT's bento for recess, with furikake onigiris and nuggets. I'm out of filler items, my fridge is quite empty, so I stuffed some wax paper at the side instead. :P


  1. Hello !! I am Kelyrin, I am from France ! I was looking for pikachu bento tutorials, because I was planning on making another one pretty soon, and I found your website, which i didn't know at all !!! I'm so happy that i found it, your pikachu is absolutely beautiful, now I can go to your first page and look at your different bentos :) !!!!

    1. Tks Kelyrin, n welcome. :) Happy to hear that you found the Pikachu bento u were looking for. :)


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