Friday 16 September 2011

Pooh & Piglet Bento

It's the last school day of the week. Yay! IT's School is having a Mid-Autumn celebrations tonight, and we are looking forward to it as families are invited too. Happy Weekends to everyone! :)

I am using my new bento tools for the bento today, the Piglet cutter and puncher set. It does speed things up a lot, as I've 4 bentos to do today. I did not get the Pooh Bear set, as I already own a Pooh Bear cutter from few years ago. But as you can see, the good news is the punch-outs from the Piglet puncher works pretty well on Pooh too. :)

LT's lunch bento, with ham/cheese sandwich, strawberry jam sandwich, teriyaki glazed meatballs, sausage and grapes.

IT's lunch bento, with the same stuff as above.

LT is bringing a snack bento to School today, in his box are Strawberry jam sandwich,sausage, meatballs and grapes.

IT's bento for recess, contents same as IT's snack bento.

Yummy lunch from my Mum. She made these and passed some to me! I do not know what they are called in English, but in Cantonese, they are called 'Loh Mai Kai'. It's stickey glutinous rice cooked with chicken, char siew and mushrooms.

My giveaway will be closing tonight. I will be putting up the winner tomorrow. Click HERE to check. :) Good Luck! :)

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