Wednesday 28 September 2011

Doraemon Bento

If you remembered, I mentioned in an earlier post that I prepared egg sheets, as I am planning to make a Doraemon bento this week. But I did not use them today for my bento, my younger one does not fancy eggs and he keeps telling me not to use the egg sheets for his bento. :( So, I took out some cheese and colored them instead, and he's happy.

IT's bento, with fried salmon drizzled with soy sauce and orange.

LT's bento, with salmon and strawberries. He does not like orange.

IT's bento for school, with peanut butter sammy, orange and grapes.

The bentos I made today. :)

My lunch for today is broccoli stir fried with beancurds and five spice meatballs. It's so good, I can just eat it on it's own. This is one of my favourite meatballs recipe, check it out at Rasa Malaysia.


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