Wednesday 21 September 2011

Panda Bento

While doing my weekly shopping at the supermarket on Monday, I found a box of cutie panda chocolate biscuits. I decided to grab a box and make a panda theme lunch box. But alas, they were melted when I opened them up this morning. I still put them in the lunch box. The boys asked me why is there a monster biscuit in their lunch box today? lol. They still ate it though and told me it's delicious.

IT's bento, with furikake onigiri, seaweed chicken, blueberries and panda chocolate biscuits.

LT's bento, same food as above.

IT's bento for recess, with nutella pocket sandwich and grapes.

Mummy's bento, with rice, seaweed chicken and broccoli/corn/beancurd stir-fry.

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