Thursday 22 September 2011

Peeping Bear Bento

Yet another sausage bear bento again. That is because I still have a few more in the pack to use up. I used mixed grain rice today, but not obvious in the boys' bento pictures, coz I think the photos are a bit overexposed. And I did not do any cooking today, I was lazy, decided to cook extra for dinner, and keep some of it for our bentos.

Spot the bear bento for LT, in the box are braised beef, spinach tamago and golden kiwi.

Bento for IT, same food in the box as above.

IT's snack box for recess, nutella pocket sandwich and grapes again. It's his favourite combi, Mummy's lazy to think of other stuff to pack. :P

In my lunch box are braised beef and spinach tamago.


  1. I just love those cute sausages.. My boy loves Grapes too..

  2. @Bobo, yes, me too, been searching for them since I saw them on Japanese sites. Hehe, my boys are quite fussy abt fruits, they dun take quite a few.


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