Wednesday 14 September 2011

Bunnies Onigiri Bento

I only cooked the rice this morning. I made extra spinach tamago and seaweed chicken for dinner last night, and kept them for today's lunch. :) It's my first time making seaweed chicken, credit goes to the mummies on a bento group I joined. They shared on how to make them. The boys loved them, looks like this is going to be a regular dish on our menu. Yay! :)

The bunnies on the onigiri were made out of fish sausage. It's our first time eating these as well. I found them off the cooler at a Japanese supermarket, so I bought a packet to try.

IT's lunch bento, with spinach tamago, seaweed chicken and golden kiwi.

LT's lunch bento, same dishes as IT's.

IT's snack bento, nutella pocket sandwiches and grapes.

This one is mine, spinach tamago and seaweed chicken like my boys. You can get a clearer view of them here. :)

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