Monday 12 September 2011

Spam Bunnies Bento

It's back to school again for my boys! This is term 4, last term for the academic year. I am craving for Spam today, made a Spam salad for myself. I used some Spam to make bunnies for the boys' bento. Not a very healthy back to school bento. But Spam taste so good, once in a while wun hurt. *finding excuse to justify* :P

The bunnies' ears are made out of smoked cheese. The packaging was all in Japanese, I did not read properly and thought they were smoked cheese sausages. I ended up boiling them and melted one batch. Duh. :(

LT's lunch bento with chicken nuggets and golden kiwi

IT's lunch bento, also with chicken nuggets and golden kiwi

IT's bento for recess, just chicken nuggets in this

My lunch, Spam, spinach salad mix, wakame, in soy sauce dressing. Yums. :)

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