Monday 19 September 2011

Groundhog/Marmot Bento

We had a really busy weekends, all of us were really tired out. I had wanted to go Daiso last night, but the boys were really tired and woke up very late from their nap, so I had to forgo. I hope I will be able to go this Sun, there are a couple of stuff I want to buy.

Today, I tried to coat my meatballs with mayo and breadcrumbs and then, I baked them in the oven. The meatballs turned out really moist and juicy. Hmmm, is it coz of the mayo? I made a groundhog and sunflowers to decorate their bento today. And I think this is the first time I added some sweets in their lunch box. I couldn't resist getting his box of sweets from the supermarket last week, simply because they look so pretty. :)

LT's bento, with meatballs, sausages, golden kiwi. That is fish floss around the groundhog.

IT's bento, with the same food. There's no sunflower here, because one weiner can only give me 2 sunflowers, and I used the other one in his snack box instead. :P

IT's snack box, with meatballs and yoghurt rice krispies. I "cheated" by stealing the sunflower meant for his lunch box to decorate. :P

My light lunch today, needed something light coz I've been eating chili crabs 2 days in a row. :P I'm having spinach mix, shrimps, cranberries and walnuts in balsamic dressing. :)


  1. cute ground hog hiding under the meat floss..

  2. i love that flower. I want to try one for myself.

  3. @Shane, that will be great, look forward to see urs. :)
    @Keeley, Tks! :)
    @Big Momma, Tks! :)


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