Thursday 15 September 2011

Rudolph Bento

I had planned to make bunnies for the boys' bento today, coz I have some smoked cheese to clear and I thought they could be used as the bunnies' ears. However, upon completion, the bunnies seemed to look more like clowns? I guess it's due to their red noses. I used M&Ms for their noses. And I after I posted my bento on Facebook, most people thought they look like Rudolph. :P I guess they are right, it does look like a reindeer too. Oh well, never mind, the boys still found them cute.

LT's bento, with Salmon Karaage (er, not sure if there's such a dish, but I cubed the salmon and seasoned n fry it like Chicken Karaage.), sausage, smoked cheese, golden Kiwi.

IT's bento, same content as above.

IT's bento for recess, with nutella sammys and grapes. I did not have much time to decorate this, so did a speedy one, just a smiley face and a hat pick. :)

My lunch today is curry chicken noodles. Curry chicken was from dinner last night, I boiled it today and added in some yellow noodles. My food photography here can't make it, should have done some food styling first before taking the pic.

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