Monday 5 September 2011

Bento Stash Recipes - Chicken Nuggets

It's the school holidays for my boys this week, so I am stocking up on my bento stash, to prepare for next week when school starts again. Having some bento stash in your freezer is useful coz it helps to speed up cooking in the morning. :) Chicken Nuggets is one of my regular bento stash. I will be sharing the recipe after the photos. Hope you will find it useful. :)

This is what u get after steaming the chicken mixture.

Then u slice them up in whatever way u like. U can also use cookie cutters to cut them. After that, u can separate them into small packs and freeze.

Just the day b4 you need them, pop them into the fridge to defrost overnite. In the morning, u just coat with breadcrumbs and shallow fry them.



500g minced chicken
2 eggs
2 tbsp minced galic
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp fish sauce
2 tapioca starch
100gm panko or breadcrumbs
5 tbsp mayonnaise
Additional beaten eggs and panko for coating

  1. Mix all ingredients till well incorporated, spread mixture over a lined tray. 
  2. Steam on high heat for 15minutes. Cool completely.
  3. Cut into small rectangular or whatever shapes u like. Slice each pieces horizontally to get a thinner nuggets.
  4. Dip each piece into beaten eggs, after that roll onto breadcrumbs till evenly coated.
  5. Deep fried till golden brown.
* U can also add grated carrot, vegetables into the mixture.


  1. Your recipes are fantastic! I just spent a small fortune on recipe books and wished I'd found your blog before then. Your recipes all look simple and do-able - thanks very much for sharing! :-)

  2. The egg & panko for frying are additional ingredient? Or it's the 2 eggs & 100gr panko mentioned in the recipe? Thanks, Ellie

    1. Yup, egg n panko are additional. Tks for asking, hv amended.

  3. These nuggets taste really nice! It's so easy compare to all those homemade nuggets recipes I found in the web.

    1. Tk u, Eve, for letting me know, happy to hear that. :)

  4. Oh Wow! Steaming the mixture is a great idea! Will try it soon

  5. Hi may I know is 2 table spoons or 2 teaspoon of tapioca starch?

  6. I love every ingredient in this. Perfect!!!!!!


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